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Understanding the Role of Virtual College Fairs: Fall 2020 and Beyond
It's a new world. Wise planning for the future must now include a virtual component for college fairs and college recruiting events.

Join us as we discuss:
*the partnership of in person and virtual elements (yes, you'll need to plan for both)
*the marketing angles to examine
*how to budget for a virtual event that compliments your usual travel season
*how to manage/distribute the work of virtual/in-person recruiting across your collaborating team
*new best practices for the virtual world of student interactions
...and more.

This presentation will include a look at the GoToCollegeFairs platform as an example of how to create a virtual event. We will be quite transparent about the strengths and weaknesses of the NAVIGATE 2020 event we recently hosted (May 4-6), and reveal our product roadmap for improving this platform so that you can use it for fall 2020 and beyond.


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